Cosy sweaters and fake leather leggings

Despite the changing weather, with summer temperatures in the middle of autumn, we can slowly get ready for the winter. I have already brought out the winter clothes from storage and I’m waiting for the weather to get cold enough to wear them. In the meantime, nothing stops me from making new additions to my wardrobe, especially when it comes to cosy sweaters! Y’all know how ready I am for sweater weather. Sweater and leggings are my favorite combinations, and this winter I will give fake leather leggings a try. 

Fake leather leggings

I have been a fan of leggings for long time. Not only they are very versatile, but also very comfortable and nothing can convince me otherwise. I have never tried fake leather pants/leggings and this was my first time. If you are afraid of crazy sweating, try a light fake leather material for your first leggings. That’s what I have done and so far, these black faux leather leggings are rather comfortable and haven’t felt like overheating.

White sweaters for a classic look

White knitted sweaters are a must-have and very often, we all go for cable-knit sweaters. This year, I wanted to try an interesting sweater, so I went for the cream long line split jumper from Femme Luxe Finery. What attracted me was the split on the sides and the knot at the waist. I find this sweater to be really flattering and lengthening.

Lime sweaters for a pop of color

As soon as winter hits, all of our wardrobes suddenly become brown, orange, beige and black. While this is a beautiful color palette for fall and winter, I find it rather boring and love to spice it up with some really flashy colors. This lime oversized split knit sweater will definitely be the star of the outfit.

Pink sweaters for a spring vibe

Another color that pops in winter is pink. Usually a spring color, pink can be successfully worn in winter too, either for a coat, dress or sweaters (in this case). This pink oversized knit sweater not only is in one of my favorite colors, but it’s also oversized, which means extra coziness. As usual with oversized clothing, size down one or even two sizes.

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