Cold Shoulder Top

Remember my obsession with owning a cold shoulder top? I have blogged about them way too much and finally got myself one this weekend (on sales too, so yas!). I have mixed feeling when it comes to summer – I like wearing dresses, sandals and shorts, but I don’t like sweating like a pig with every movement. The struggle is real.

Cold Shoulder Top

cold shoulder top front

I worn my brand new cold shoulder top for a froyo walk (I eat too much frozen yogurt but I don’t care) and enoyed the summer sunny and warm weather I decided to pair it with my ripped jeans and sandals, but I would definitely wear it with jean shorts (seems like I lost them somehow, so a new summer shopping spree should follow)

cold shoulder top side

As it was SUPER warm, I also put my hair in a ponytail and braided it for extra fancyness. As usual, I completed my look with sunglasses and my all time favourite pink bag (if you all think I need a new bag, leave your suggestions below haha )

cold shoulder top outfit

I think that cold shoulder tops and dresses are a great way to keep cool in summer – for those who want to have a mix between a cami and a tee. Are you stocking up on cold shoulder clothes this summer too?

Cold shoulder top and Jeans from Tally Weijl / Sandals, bag and sunglasses from no name brands

31 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder Top

  1. Cute top! I love the off-shoulder ones, too! And hallelujah to clothes that don’t make you feel like you’re dying of heat the second you step out your door!

  2. Super cute. I have a cold shoulder top but I haven’t gotten around to wearing it yet. I definitely will have to now. I also love your bag. I need to get another one soon!

  3. your top is cool, the colour fits your skin perfectly and your jean goes well too. hreat combo with the bag too…

  4. Off shoulders are definitely my choice for this summer. It’s so hot in Portugal and seems the best way to face the terrible heat. I love your top, the pattern is very beautiful and it matches so well with your hairstyle! Great way to make a ponytail fancy! 🙂

  5. I really like your outfits. I’ll put cold shoulders top on my shopping list, which seems endless. Anyways, I think it does make your outfit a bit cooler and summerish. Also, I wanted to say how much I like your theme/design of the blog. It looks great!

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