Skincare is self-care

We are all doing a skincare routine or putting a nice mask on; not only when it’s necessary for the skin, but also when we feel down and depressed. Many people are saying that skincare is self-care. And I agree. While putting a sheet mask when we are depressed might feel like a trying to fix a bullet wound with a band-aid, skincare is self-care.

Essential Lip Care Routine

No matter the time of the year, having smooth and plump lips is something we all want. I am not the only one with dry lips all year round – and even worse in winter. I have recently acquired some amazing products that are now part of my essential lip care routine. Gone are the days where my lips would be dry and try to remove the dry skin by biting into it; you know you do that too! Check out my full lip care routine, from exfoliating (yes!) to hydrating and finally, adding some colour!