Casual Striped Shirt

casual striped shirt faux leather jacket_ft

I love versatile pieces, like this casual striped shirt. It can literally make any outfit a bit more fancy. I love to wear it with high waisted pencil skirt or blue jeans, but for a more comfortable outfit, I decided to wear it with black leggings. I wore this outfit for dinner at Vapiano and then a short walk. The weather was not that warm, so I threw my faux leather jacket on top (one of the best investments I made) and my favourite chunky scarf for extra warmth and a pop of colour.

Casual Striped Shirt

casual striped shirt 2

casual striped shirt1
I came to realise that I have quite some shirts in my wardrobe; and that is exactly because of their versatility and extra touch of fanciness they give to any outfit.

casual striped shirt faux leather jacket

casual striped shirt_closeup watch

How do you like to wear shirts?

Shirt and watch from H&M / Legging, Chelsea boots and scarf from New Yorker / Faux leather jacket from Zara

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15 thoughts on “Casual Striped Shirt

  1. I love wearing shirts slightly over sized and with black tights (pretty much the same way your have worn it). I love the addition of the scarf! It looks amazing with this outfit.

  2. I love to wear shirt, it’s one of the versatile pieces of clothing we can mix and match with other pieces. The simplicity of the outfit you wear makes the whole appeareance simply beautiful especially with the scarf.

  3. I wear my stripe shirt with almost anything but my favorite pair would be with shirts and ripped jeans in boots. I agree that this type of shirt is very versatile with any piece of clothing. You look lovely dear and I am loving the leather jacket with the scarf.

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