Casual Spring Outfit: T-Shirt and Sneakers

casual spring outfit 2019

I love the warmer temperatures and crisp air of spring. After a winter full of sweaters, fur coats and boots, I am slowly getting ready for spring and summer clothes. I am looking forward to wearing light clothes, and take out my t-shirt collection!

In general, I am a big fan of casual outfits. But lately, I haven’t been feeling like dressing up much , and I am obsessed with my white sneakers. In my eyes, they go with literally everything, so maybe it’s time for an intervention? I promise that as soon as the rain stops and the weather is warmer, I’ll get out my sandals and heels! Until then, it’s all about comfortable and casual vibes – because when I feel comfortable, I’m at my best!

I have lately been going on a cute t-shirt shopping spree, so this peach tee is my newest addition (and second peach t-shirt in my wardrobe … ).

To look more put together (like I didn’t just get out of bed and hurriedly threw these clothes on my) I usually tuck the t-shirts in the front or, if the material allows, tie them in a knot (in the front or on the side).

casual spring outfit 2019

Because the weather is still chilly in the mornings and evenings, but warmer at midday, a soft long cosy cardigan is my go-to. And until the rain stops, I will stick to my sneakers because of their anti-slip sole – last time it rained, I went for heels and almost slipped. This is proof that I won’t wear any other shoe for the next month, basically.

What’s your favorite comfortable and casual spring outfit?

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12 thoughts on “Casual Spring Outfit: T-Shirt and Sneakers

  1. I love that outfit, all the colours pair so nicely! I’m feeling inspired to get some white sneakers so that I don’t have to think about what shoes to wear, as they will go with everything!

  2. O this look is effortlessly chic! You made this look so comfy and stylish with the white sneakers👌🏾❤️I’m a t-shirt and jeans gal too, especially with high-waist jeans and a cropped top😍 but lately in the spring I’ve been enjoying floral dresses with cardigans, blazers and biker or denim jackets paired with edgy ankle boots😎

    Natonya |

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