Things To Know Before Getting Candy-Colored Hair

Ever dreamt of getting candy-colored hair? For the past weeks or so I have been trying and trying to achieve pastel colored hair. That meant me bleaching my hair (not obtaining a pure white base), adding purple and getting a cute grey color. However, that faded and then I added some pink on top (did not look that horrifying though). After the pink faded, I decided to go again with bleaching and toning to achieve a pure white base. On my first salon visit around 3 weeks ago, my hair was a bright purple / fuchsia mix, and now is a very pastel lavender /pink.

Things To Know Before Getting Candy-Colored HairBefore taking the leap to candy-colored hair, here’s my advice for the road ahead!

Get it done by professionals

But after screwing with my hair and having white, yellow and purple (from the toner) strand of hair, I decided to go the right way. I booked an appointment at the salon and get it done professionally. In the end, it did not cost me more than I was willing to spend and I achieved my dream hair.

So to start off, I strongly advise you to check out a few hair salons and ask for a price offer. It might cost quite a lot at once, but you do not damage your hair unnecessarily and you’re paying more the expertise of the hair professionals.

It will take time

On my first visit to the salon, my hair was already a bit lightened (after having it bleached around 3 times in 5 weeks), but they still bleached my hair and added Olaplex. Even after that, my hair was not totally white, and I was advised to go for a darker shade.  Either way, you will have to spend at least 1h for your entire hair to be bleached. If you have naturally dark hair like me, it will take some time to have a completely white base, as every time my roots grow I will bleach them.

Prolong your color

Since crazy colours fade quickly, I am not washing my hair every two days and can last up to 5 days, thanks to dry shampoo and not straightening my hair daily anymore. I am washing my hair using water as cold as possible and I also plan on adding a bit of hair dye in the conditioner to extend the time between salon visits.

Things To Know Before Getting Candy-Colored HairUse the right products

I have a collection of hair products specifically for coloured hair (sulfate free): a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and an oil. I was advised to use the mask once per week, but as I wash my hair every 5 days or so, that is also when I use the mask. Whenever I remember, I also add in the morning HASK Argan Oil because it works on dry hair too.

Hair damage

Ever since I started bleaching my hair alone, I was doing deep conditioning sessions over night with coconut oil. Adding nourishing oils to the hair often will also help the hair recover and also make the colour brighter and shinier.

Have you ever thought of getting candy-colored hair? If you have, are there any other tips to consider?

Have you ever dreamt of having candy-colored hair? Before taking the leap, make sure you know what you're in for to be prepared!Sweater from Romwe

9 thoughts on “Things To Know Before Getting Candy-Colored Hair

  1. It’s always been thought in the back of my mind to go for a hair colour away from the norm, I’ve just not plucked up the courage yet! Thanks for the tips if I ever do take the plunge! 🙂

  2. I had my hair ombre’d a couple of years ago and it really did take a while for the ends to go a lot lighter in colour, I never realised just how long it would take. I didn’t realise the damage it would cause either so yes, deep conditioning treatments are very important! Great informative post. xx

  3. I love your hair! I went platinum from my naturally dark hair 2 years ago and it took forever to get rid of the damage done by the bleach so I have can only admire from afar sadly.

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