How to build confidence through personal style

Personal style is all about expressing yourself, let your personality shine on the outside by creatively using clothing and makeup. Fashion is not only about following the trends, but it’s more about matching them to your own style; being ourselves when it comes to fashion allows us to be unique inside and outside. The path to being self-confident and loving yourself is rough and difficult, but the more you progress, the more empowered you feel. And this is definitely showing in the evolution of my outfits (and hair colours). Building confidence through fashion is something that I am passionate about (link to confidence post) – being able to say “I wear whatever I want and I don’t care what to think”.

Confidence through personal style

Building confidence through personal style

I challenged my self to style 2 pieces that I have always said they don’t go well together. I would have given up and simply leave one of them out.

I was staring at the dress which was too transparent and too short to wear by itself and the fishnet socks with bows. I built this outfit step by step. I first started with the white tee under the dress to eliminate the transparency problem, but there still was the issue of the length. That’s when I just put on top the leather skirt to make up for the length. That is when I turned around and saw how the hem of the dress was showing under the skirt – I found the mix of the delicate ruffles and the leather to be incredibly feminine and edgy.

Confidence through personal style

I wanted to keep the entire outfit rather comfortable and casual, so I went for platform sandals. I still had the fishnet socks to wear and I think that they went really well with the sandals. If you ever go for this combo, do not stretch the socks too high up, but rather pull them down to the level of the ankle, so only the bow is showing.
Confidence through personal style

By no means this outfit is perfect, but not everything is meant to cater to everybody’s taste. Not everything has to be perfect – you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you! And this is me – crazy and creative on the inside but not showing it enough on the outside.
Confidence through personal style
I have to say that this is the most daring and crazy outfit up until now. How about you? What is your craziest outfit combination?

Dress from Zaful / Fishnet Socks from Zaful

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