Be Bold with Velvet Over the Knee Boots

As soon as I saw those blue velvet over the knee boots, I knew I fell in love. I was picturing myself wearing them with a short black skirt and a fur coat. I was going to be the ultimate queen – it took those boots to arrive more than a month and I was worried my babies would be lost somewhere in a storage, left unloved.
But when they arrived, I felt complete. They were exactly as pictured on the website and I was pleasantly please that they were quite stretchy and loose. For the first time, my legs did not feel like fat sausages trying to be squished into fabulous boots.

how to wear velvet boots mirrored glasses
These boots are longer than what I am used to, and the color too. It’s quite bold. I put them on with a long tee and fell in love. But reality struck when I tried to pair them with a short skirt and a blue knitted sweater. It was not that I looked necessarily bad, it’s just that, with these boots being so long and so blue, and with me being so short, I felt I was drowning in blue. I felt like I was blue until my neck and I hated it. I also had a passing thought that maybe if I had skinnier thighs it would be better but no – my legs would still be short. So I went back thinking of pizza & fries.

how to wear velvet boots and mirrored glasses

Second time around, I decided to pair them with leggings. This pair of velvet over the knee boots are loose enough to contain not only my legs but also a slightly thicker layer (in my case: leggings). I went on the safe side (omething I would wear comfortably and even at work) and opted for an all black outfit.

These boots are definitely taking me back in time to the 70s! You’re gonna have this glam velvet all the way up to the thighs. Plus the great heel that can be taken from office wear to party time! In this still cold weather, they will keep you warm and fabulous all day round!

how to wear velvet boots_close upI am a total fan of over the knee boots and mixing this with the luxurious feel and look of this deep blue velvet makes it an even more pleasurable experience!

Those fabulous deep blue velvet over the knee boots will take you back to the 70s! Let this glamorous velvet make your outfit stand out from day to evening!Have you ever worn velvet over the knee boots? If not, would you give them a try?

Blue Velvet Over the Knee Boots from Rosegal / Pink Mirrored Glasses from Rosegal

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