Birchbox x Selfridges

birchbox selfridges

I remember seeing the name of Birchbox in my feed from various beauty news websites and blogs I follow on Facebook. I lost it a bit when I found the Birchbox stand at Selfridges and I did not hesitate one bit on getting one. There were 6 product categories that would go in the box. For each category there were 4 options and you had to pick only one. This was rather difficult as I already purchased some of the products available before and some were not suitable for my age (face creams).

Birchbox x Selfridges

birchbox selfridge box

You just have to go to the cashier and they give you a box together with a list of the products you can choose. Then you go around the and pick what you want, and come back to pay. The price for the box is fixed and you can pick only 1 product from each category. Some products are in full sizes – such as the nail polish I picked, some are in sample size – like the lip tint. I tried to pick products/brands that I never tried of heard of before.

birchbox selfridges list

birchbox selfridges_body cream_face cream_frizz cream

I use the Body Gel from time to time and it has a strong lavender refreshing smell. I use the night cream every night and it’s perfect for my type of face. That anti frizz cream – I think I have to put way more, or at least half of the tube because I have seen no difference with a little bit of it.

birchbox selfridge_tint_nailpolish_mint spray

The day before I got the Birchbox, I just found out and tried a lipstain at Benefit so I thought I could give it a try. For the nails, I found no new colours except this this vibrant purple that I love! In the last category – Beauty Bonus – I saw this new lavender spray and for some nights after that I sprayed it on my pillow and it was really refreshing falling asleep.

22 thoughts on “Birchbox x Selfridges

  1. I LOVE Birchbox! I get it delivered to me once a month here in NYC, and have been doing it for about a year now. I’ve found so many great products through those little packages.

    I’m particularly intrigued by the lavender spray – I just heard someone talking about how it helps promote sleep, so now maybe I’ll have to check it out… 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post, I have also never heard of birch box so I look forward to the research. I loved that you had such beautiful pictures, something I need to practice for sure. Well written and very informational, this post was one that makes me want to look deeper.

  3. Got excited reading your post and looked over their site to see if they have products for men. And they do. Definitely getting one of these for my Birthday which is in like 4 days lol!

  4. What a great box, I love the purple nail colour, that us right up my street! I also love This Works pillow spray, I use it every night and have even converted my other half to use it

  5. Love this post! I’ve never heard of them, but then again, they’re probably not even available here (i swear i sometimes feel like i live in Narnia). Nail polish look really cool and your pictures are AMAZING!

  6. I used to get a birchbox every month but then I gave it up as most products came in other beauty boxes that I had. I did not however know that they had them at selfridges definitely must check out.

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