Beauty and make-up products that will never let you down

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I always love trying out new beauty and makeup products, always up for the latest trends and ready to share my opinions with you. But this post is going to be different. I will not be sharing something that I recently tried, but products that I have been using for months, even years, and that have proven to work time and time again. Many of the products below have already been mentioned in a previous blog post, “Japanese beauty products with a cult following”

Cure Aqua Gel

One bottle of this amazing exfoliator is sold every 4.5 seconds! It’s so gentle and it leaves your skin so soft!

DHC oil

This oil is the best and most gentle make-up remover. Before discovering it, I would use loads of micellar water to remove my make-up. I now go directly with the oil and massage it all over my face. Don’t forget to finish with a cleanser!

Aloe vera

Aloe vera products, in general, are very hydrating and I love using them regularly. I always have a big jar of aloe vera gel that I use either to hydrate my skin as a moisturiser or as a wash-off mask. It also works on your body, and I sometimes use it as a mask for my scalp when I wash my hair.

HASK hair products

I have tried various products from HASK – oils, masks, conditioners, shampoos. Except for their shampoos, the rest of their stuff is working wonders for my hair. I remember starting with their argan oil, and the adding conditioners, and masks later on. They are very affordable, so you can definitely try and see what works best for you.

COSRX patches

I first tried these COSRX patches as part of a beauty box – and have always been having them in my beauty stash ever since. As soon as you see a pimple forming, add one of those bad boys over night and you will see your pimple flatten considerably!

Sephora scrub shampoo

I notice this shampoo last year in Sephora and I thought I should give it a try. Compared to other scalp scrubs, this one is very affordable and it works! It keeps my scalp nice and fresh. After my current stock finishes, I will maybe try the one from Ouai.

Biotherm deodorant

This deodorant is one product I have been using for years. After so much time of trying various sprays and none of them working, I went into Sephora one day and asked them for their best deodorant ever.

Urban decay eye shadow primer

I discovered this primer because of a bunch of free samples. I would usually hate applying eyeshadow because my eyelids are oily and after a short while, the eyeshadow would just gather into the crease of my eyelid and the make-up would be ruined. Imagine my amazement when I noticed that my make-up would last for hours over this primer. I now also use it whenever I apply eyeliner and everything just sit properly. For some, this primer may not be so affordable, so you can start with the travel size – it can last you a good while and a great way to test it!

SPF cream

It’s no surprise that Korean brands make amazing SPF creams. My experience with Western brands has not been a great one – they are either too oily, too thick, leave a white cast and/or rub off during the day. I have been using for long time the Purito SPF cream, but as it was recently proven to not offer the SPF 50 it promises, I am going to switch to COSRX.

SPF sprays

In terms of SPF sprays, Western brands also tend to make them too thick and oily. However, I have tried the Garnier SPF face spray and I have to say that this one works super well!

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Best beauty products I have tried so far

In this blog post, I have recommended the best beauty products I have ever used and that I recommend with my entire heart. It is not an exhaustive list, as I am in the process of considering of adding more – stay tuned for part 2!

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