Benefits of Yoga

If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you might have noticed certain benefits; your mind, body and soul are at peace and balanced. If you have never tried yoga, I highly recommend starting. It does not have to be done every single to notice the benefits. I personally do it when I feel to tired for cardio or when it gets too late and I miss the gym opening hours. It does burn calories and it’s not easy, but thinking of its relaxing side, I do not go into it stressed. But after each session, I can already see the following benefits:

  • clearer mind
  • tenser muscles
  • improved physical and mental balance
  • feeling calmer and more focused
  • feeling more confident & having increased self esteem
  • improving the posture & flexibility

yoga beach

What benefits of yoga have you noticed? If you are a beginner and you don’t know where to get started, check out some yoga videos for beginners 😉

7 thoughts on “Benefits of Yoga

  1. I used to do yoga in high school and really enjoyed it, but now in my “adult” life I feel like I don’t have time to “sit still.” The benefits of yoga are great, and I think I’ll try to catch a few classes in the future again!

    1. I always did it at home watching videos on YouTube. I thought of going to a class with an instructor, but for now it was just a thought 😛

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