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I first discovered Benefit Cosmetics when I went to London last year in December, and I have to say that their products are amazing! I initially wanted a great concealer to cover my dark circles, after checking out the drugstore products and also the high end booths, I decided to go for Benefit. Benefists Cosmetics Review_

I was recommended a salmon coloured concealer to cover the purple circles. It works great but you have to be careful to take a bit on your fingers, warm it up between them and then apply under your eyes. In order to not allow it to crease, make sure to apply under the place where it usually creases.
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You have to be careful to build it up, otherwise it looks too cakey. Apply in a thin layer, wait a bit, and then add a bit more. After that, you can set it with some loose powder and it’s done! I used to cover my entire under eye area, but it was creasing. The lady at the Benefit counter recommended the Porefessional that would smoothen out my creases. Unfortunately, my concealer creases no matter what, so I just avoid applying the concealer on the creases.
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What I do use this Porefessional primer for is to smoothen out my pores after I moisturise and before I apply foundation. it works great and takes out the shine, easily used on its own if you want to take a break from makeup. As you can see, it has a beige colour and then simply blends in to the sin, making it smooth and soft.

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With my purchase of the concealer and primer, I received a travel version of the Watt’s Up highlighter and the They’re Real mascara.

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Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up highlighter closeup_s

I think it’s quite a lot of highlighter as I am not an avid user. I tried to apply it several times but I feel it makes me look sweaty and looks too sparkly. I need to check out some more YouTube tutorials on that.

Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up highlighter swatch_s

As far as the Benefit mascaras go, they are hands down, the best I ever tried. The They’re Real mini version convinced me and then I went to purchase a pack of two Roller Lash mascara. They both make your lashes super long and well defined – as a bonus, the Roller Lash also curls them. I wish they were also waterproof.

Benefits Cosmetics Theyre Real Mascara_s

Benefits Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara_s

Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics? What other products would you recommend? Also, any tips on using the highlighter without looking too shiny?

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