B & W Geometric Print Dress

I can safely say that summer is here! We have been having over 25 degrees, even 30 at some point (?) and I begun to already wear dresses with sandals. This black and white geometric print dress is the lightest I could dress and I still feel way too warm. That’s why iced coffee was brought into this world. Last weekend it was one of the first hot days and I decided to go for a walk in the sunshine (with my SPF50 on my face) and slurp on a refreshing frappe.

geometric print dress_1_

The perks of the geometric print dress

What I particularly love about this dress is the pattern. I can assure you that it will fit any body type; if you feel that you have lost/gained too many kilos compared to our society’s ideal of perfect body, and feel self-conscious about this, this dress will definitely erase you self-consciousness. The pattern is so intricate and dense, that all the (im)perfections will blend in and you will feel more confident to go out and enjoy the awesome weather!

geometric print dress_front_

Plus, it is super cozy, comfortable, and quite versatile! Here I paired it with sandals for a casual look, but picture it with a black blazer and heels, or black leather jacket and ankle boots, or with white sneakers. See? works with everything!

geometric print dress_side_

Do you have one of those all in 1 dresses that go with everything?

Dress form New Yorker / Sandals from Primark / Glasses from no name brand / Bag from ebay

7 thoughts on “B & W Geometric Print Dress

  1. I’m not surviving the UK heatwave lol but the dress looks beautiful on you, I’m one of the few where bold patterned things really don’t suit me so I tend to opt for minimal black dresses or light prints 🙂

  2. So cute on you! I am definitely all about dresses in the summer, and bold patterns ARE so perfect for hiding little bumps and lumps! hehe. Love this!

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