ArtScience Museum in Singapore

If you are looking for a break from the hot weather, why not plan a whole day around Marina Bay? There’s more to it than just shopping – this is where you can check out the ArtScience Museum, the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome, and the Gardens by the Bay. And to end the day on a delicious note, have some food at Satay by the Bay while enjoying the views.

The ArtScience Museum is hosting “exhibitions that push the boundaries of science, technology, and knowledge” – we visited the permanent exhibition Future World: Where Art meets Science, which consists of futuristic and high-tech interactive artworks.

We got there on a Friday morning, just a bit before the 10:00 opening, with some time to walk around and explore the surroundings. If possible, I would recommend buying the tickets online, ahead of time, and set aside 2-3 hours. Take your time to interact with the artworks and spend plenty of time with each of them – and don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos!

Check out some of my favorite exhibits!

Transcending Boundaries

Transcending Boundaries explores the role of digital technology in transcending the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between the artworks and the viewer. This is the first room that you enter, and make sure that you spend some time there, as the artwork evolves in time, as well as upon interaction from the visitors. Don’t be afraid to touch the walls and make the waterfall “splash” on your hand!


The first spaces are rather noisy – there are sound effects around and people are noisy too. But as soon as you enter the Sanctuary, you feel in an oasis of calm. Because of its calmness and darker colors, people seem to shy away from this exhibit. This artwork depicts cherry blossoms and their cycle of life.

Sketch Aquarium

Let your inner child out and draw your own underwater animal! There are tables around with paper and colored pencils. As soon as you’re done, you can scan your artwork and you’ll see it float in the aquarium! Check out my squid!

Sketch Town

Sketch Town is based on the same principle as the Aquarium. Only that here you will be able to draw your own building, car, plane or even UFO! When you’re done, you can scan your masterpiece and you’ll see it pop up onto the streets of this Singapore-inspired town! the fund doesn’t end – touch the cars and you can see how they are reacting!

Light Ball Orchestra

Close to Sketch Town, you can find this enclosure gathering lots of multicoloured light globes. Upon touching them, they change colour and sound. Don’t be afraid to push together the light balls!

Crystal Universe

This is my favourite exhibit (and the one I was looking forward to the most!). The Crystal Universe is created with teamLab’s Interactive 4D Vision technology and has over 170,000 LED lights, giving the illusion of stars moving in space. If you plan on taking nice photos over there, take plenty of time and have lots of patience – everybody else wants to do the same! In between don’t forget to scan the QR code that is around and play with the light and sounds yourself!

Would you visit the ArtScience museum? Which one would be your favourite artwork?

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