American Beauty Series: ColourPop

Welcome to a new blog post featuring American beauty. This time I am redoing the very popular, internationally known ColourPop. They are is mostly known for their lipsticks but they have such a wide variety of makeup products.
Gimme More! Highlighter palette
I have never been highlighter girl but I went for this Gimme More! highlighter palette. When they had the Black Friday sales. I thought this was a good opportunity to get started with highlighter. The palette has six shades but for my skin colour, I can only use one or two of them. What I love about it is that it caters for a variety of skin tones and I will also be able to use it in summer when my skin will be more tan. All of the colours can also be used as eye shadow – that way nothing gets wasted. One of the cons of this pallet is that it’s not very pigmented and I have to apply several times in order to get a decent amount of shine. What I would also do is use a wet brush into the powder and then apply. That way the highlighter will be stronger.

I swatched them all on my arm and, while they look really nice indoors and in the sun, I had to apply a lot of powder and in several layers, to get to this level of sparkle.

american beauty series colourpop_highlighter palette swatches_

american beauty series colourpop_highlighter palette swatches

Fan brush
When I got to the highlighter palette I also went for the fan brush that would be perfect for applying highlighter. However when I received it I was very disappointed to see that it was very thin and it was not taking a large amount of highlighter on it. It does feel nice on the skin and makes applying highlight powder easy.

american beauty series colourpop_highlighter palette

It is not my first time ordering lipsticks from color pop I remember finding out when they were deemed to be good dupes for the Kylie cosmetics lipsticks. When I first tried them I was impressed by the quality to price ratio. But after a while I realized that I get what I pay for. I was very disappointed to see that the lipsticks – the liquid ones – were drying out fast after being open (few weeks). I figured out that ColourPop liquid lipsticks have a very short lifespan and have to be used as soon as they’re open. That’s why I opened for the first time right before writing this book post taking the photos. My recommendation for ColourPop lipsticks is the go for the lippie stix – they are slightly cheaper than the liquid ones, less drying and have a longer lifespan.

american beauty series colourpop_lipsticks

american beauty series colourpop_lipsticks and swatches

american beauty series colourpop_lipstick swatches
Metallic eye shadow
One of the most exciting purchases from ColourPop was the Supernova eye shadow. When I watched it on the skin, it looked amazing-very pigmented and dense. However when I applied on my eyelids it looked very watery and felt very sticky. That’s when I went to YouTube to check out some reviews. And I realized that I was not the only one that had issues with this eye shadow. Many YouTubers recommended against buying it; but to make it work, they proposed using a primer beforehand or use it as a topper, if you really want to use it. I have yet to use it myself because its consistency and the fact that it might be a whole process before applying it puts me off a bit. However, the swatch looks great and glittery!

american beauty series colourpop_supernova eye shadow swatch


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