30+ Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

christmas gifts and ornaments

This holiday and Christmas period is a special one – with the pandemic taking over this year, many of our have found themselves in difficult situations, not only personally, being physically isolated from friends and family, but also financially.

In this Christmas gift guide, I will bring together affordable gifts, from small to big businesses, either already made gifts or things that you can easily put together. All gifts are under 50 £ / $ / € and this means you can mix several of the gifts in the list for a bigger gift that would still be in the budget.

I have also tried to split them into categories such as lifestyle, beauty, and fashion so that you can quickly search what you want.




Lifestyle Christmas gifts

This category includes everything from kitchen tools, house decorations and small electronics, to food, drinks and stationery.

Gifting for somebody who loves cooking? You can buy them one kitchen tool they have been raving about.

  • Was it a spiraliser so they can make spaghetti out of any vegetable?
  • Or maybe a portable blender for their favourite smoothies?
  • Could it be maybe an adorable apron they can use while they cook?
  • Or maybe a nice cutting board that can also serve as a platter?
  • A cookbook rounding up some fun recipes?

Cute stationery is also a must, cute pens, stickers and notebooks!

  • Planner – even if buying planners for 2021 can feel a bit useless and there is a lot of uncertainty, some people still enjoy planning
  • One line a day journal

Decorate your home and make it more inviting – we have been spending a long time indoors and maybe even some more…

  • A cute clear vase that you fill with their favourite candies so they can binge on them on Christmas Day
  • Hot cocoa pack consisting of a cute mug, cocoa and tiny marshmallows – you can find these in shops already made, or you can do them yourself and wrap it all in cute packaging.
  • Champagne jelly beans
  • DIY planting kit
  • Some cute succulents!

Looking for a fun present ? How about a karaoke mic?

Fashion Christmas Gifts

  • A set of cute face masks – especially important in these times. Please wear your mask, and if you wish, you can make it as cute and fun as you want!
  • Hair clip set
  • Earrings set
  • Luxurious velvet scrunchies
  • Some people say socks don’t make for a great gift but I think that fun and cute socks are great gifts! Check out these adorable socks from UK-based sock company, Super Peach
  • Fun face earrings

Beauty Christmas gift

This beauty section gathers everything that will take care of our skin this winter season. The usual cold and harsh weather is paired with mask wearing, which can lead to our skin needing more care. You’ll find here stuff for your face, hands, feet, hair and also stuff to help you relax (a nice bath and a good night’s sleep). A pampering kit would be perfect as a Christmas gift.

  • Winter skincare kit (hand & foot cream, hand & foot mask, hair oil )
  • Hand & foot cream
  • Foot mask
  • Hair oil
  • Fun bath or spa kit with various bath bombs or bath accessories (bath bombs, bath foam, shower gel etc)
  • Bath bombs
  • Sleep kit with eye masks and lavender spray
  • Lavender spray for your pillow
  • Heating eye mask to relax the strained eyes
  • Black out eye mask to quickly fall asleep

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