How to Accentuate your Waist: Corset Tees

Who doesn’t love to accentuate their waist? I notice that I look and feel best when I wear outfits that accentuate my waist. It is the way my best features are enhanced and the ones I am not a fan of – hidden. Paradoxically, by accentuating and attracting attention to my stomach area, it makes all of me look good and confident.

how to accentuate your waist
I have never wore corsets, but I do love to wear belts with dresses and love the effect on my silhouette. When I saw these two corset tees, I thought they looked interesting and definitely past me would not wear. While for some these corset tees might not look bold, for me, they would once be. They are not the basic boring tees; they have features that make them interesting and can make heads turn. And this reaction would have bothered me once. But not anymore – ever since I have my hair dyed in unnatural colours, people have been turning their heads and even took photos with me. It’s a strange feeling: I do not like to attract attention, but at the same time, my hair and fashion preferences are not conventional. Even though I dress and dye my hair for myself, it may appear from the outside that it is done to attract attention.

accentuate your waist with corset teesAccentuate your waist with corset tees

These corset tees are already my favorite because they are 1) extremely comfortable (they still are tees) and 2) the corset details make them special. You can pair this tee with your favorite paid of jeans and you already look put together, stylish, cool, trendy. It’s one of those wardrobe staples that make for easy outfits.

how to accentuate your waist_embroidered corset teeI cannot decide which corset tee is my favorite. On one hand, I love the floral embroidery, but on the other hand, I love the simplicity and minimalism of the black & white.

accentuate your waist_embroidered corset teeHow do you accentuate your waist in outfits?

Who doesn't love to accentuate the waist? The easiest way to do that this summer is to include corset tees in your wardrobe!

Embroidered corset tee from Zaful / Embroidered corset tee from Zaful

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how to accentuate your waist with corset tees

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