5 reasons why travel makes you happy

If I had unlimited budget, I would travel as often as possible and to every corner of the world. I spend my free time looking up cool travel spots, how to get there, how much it would cost, when is the best time to go and so on. I have in my mind to do lists for so many places I want to see but don’t have the time or budget for.

But when I do head for a new destination (or even one where I’ve been before), I feel a rush of adrenaline, I feel excitement and …happy!

Travelling is known to help with mental well-being! Check out the 5 reasons why travel makes you happy and why you should plan your next getaway!

Here are 5 reasons why travel makes you happy:

  1. Escape the routine

Even if you love your job and your daily routine, travelling puts a pause to is and refreshes your daily life for a couple of days or weeks. You find yourself realizing that one day will not be the same as the other. While I may start every day with a coffee, the rest that follows will be different each day!

  1. Seeing new places

Seeing new places sparks your curiosity and makes you want to learn more. Seeing a beautiful temple makes you wonder why is it built that way or why are certain colors used. Reading up about these things makes you learn and happy to expand your general knowledge.

  1. Going through new experiences

Figuring out how to go by public transport to Cinque Terre or visiting a cat café in Japan are both new experiences. While the first one is quite challenging and the second one is calming, they both leave you feeling accomplished, and happy for having succeeded and trying something new.

  1. The food and the drinks

This one is my favorite part! After eating pasta or sushi on a regular basis, it is amazing to taste those foods in their home countries. The quality of the food, the way it is prepared and simply being there and eating the local food makes the whole experience whole. It’s not just that you are trying new delicious meals, it’s the entire process and the atmosphere that gives you happy vibes!

  1. Coming back

This one gives me mixed feelings – while travelling is amazing and refreshing, it is also rather tiring and stressful. Packing to go back home makes you excited to share with the others your memories and look forward to some rest and old routine. When you come back, you are armed with different points of view because you have managed to go outside your daily bubble where everything is the same.

Travelling is known to help with mental well-being! Check out the 5 reasons why travel makes you happy and why you should plan your next getaway!When you come back, you cannot wait to rest a bit and then go back to planning and traveling again. Ticking places of off your to see list and adding even more; or simply re-adding places you have been to before simply because you loved them so much you want to explore deeper or even revisit places that stuck with you.

5 reasons why travel makes you happy

Having this beautiful golden airplane choker from Stilnest always on me makes me feel like I am always travelling and soothes my wanderlust, Are you also a travel addict? What is it about travel that makes you happy?

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14 thoughts on “5 reasons why travel makes you happy

  1. I would love to travel if I could but my finances are the problem, unfortunately. The last place I’ve been to was San Francisco, CA and I felt so happy and relaxed😊😊. I would love to travel abroad to Italy or Greece one day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i have been traveling a lot in the past five years. I have been studying in different countries: New Zealand, France, Italy and the UK. So I got to visit and go on road trip rather often. Thus, I was changing environment quite a lot and I never got to have a routine. Which is a good thing. Every time I was going home, I felt weird like something was over and I felt sad about it but I had to move on to make the most of what would happen next. Traveling is amazing, really. I in the context of a study abroad scheme it is even better coz you have more time and you are already in the country. Another thing that makes me genuinely happy (don’t know why though) is biking ahah xx Corinne

  3. Good points! For me traveling has always been motivating and eyeopening. You can meet so many amazing people, visit amazing places of which you can make stunning photos and blog posts – and in the best cases you can also enjoy super delicious new foods and sunny weather. 🙂

  4. You are totally right on that! Especially escaping the routine and meeting new people and experiencing new things. Even i do not have the time or budget for it! ugh! annoying

  5. I love this post and I can relate to all those reasons too. I am feeling really inspired to travel this year, I just need to know where to go… it’s hard when I want to go everywhere

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