5 pairs of shoes every woman should own

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What are the pairs of shoes that very woman should own? For me, this is a rather difficult question; I believe that shoes are a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe, because they can make or break an outfit. An outfit can be taken from casual to formal, all depending onΒ  what shoes you pair it with. Whether you are looking to purchase a new pair of shoes or simply to make sure you have the absolute basics of a wardrobe, have a look at those 5 pairs of shoes every woman should own!

1. Flats

For me, flats are the most basic pair of shoes you can have. They go with literally anything and you can wear them as long as the weather is dry and above 10 C . I wear flats so often that every year I have to replace them. Every year I buy 1 pair of black flats and 1 coloured one. I literally wear them almost every day and they wear off really fast. I always go for a black shiny pair and a light coloured one. Keep in mind that you can wear flats with t-shirt and jeans as well as a formal dress!

Escape Shoes_Flats_pairs of shoes every woman should own
Flats Melissa in Black and Beige

2. Boots

A good knee high boot can go well with jeans as well as with dresses. Gives your outfit an extra touch and goes well with rain and snow – you stay warm and elegant. Picture brown boots, with blue jeans and a cable knit sweater for snowy winter days or a floral dress for rain spring days. If you are not into knee high boots, ankle boots can work just as well!

EscapeShoes_Boots_pairs of shoes every woman should own
Dark Brown Fly London Boots and Taupe Dkode Ankle Boots

3. Sandals

You also need a versatile pair of sandals that you can wear both with casual and a more formal outfit. I love wearing sandals in summer. Oftentimes, it is so warm that wearing anything on your shoes becomes too much and sandals look like a good compromise.

EscapeShoes_sandals_pairs every woman should own
Guess Sandals

4. Sneakers

You would think that sneakers can be used only when exercising or hiking; in fact, I would say that they can be rather stylish. Picture a pair of white sneakers paired with a floral summer dress for a walk in the city or a pair of jeans and a buttoned-down shirt.

EscapeShoes_Sneakers_pairs of shoes every woman should own
White Converse Sneakers, Floral Sixtyseven Sneakers and White Keds Sneakers

5.Classic heels

A pair of high heels are a must have. If you can bear to wear heels, then you know that those are perfect for both the fanciest events & occasions, when you can wear a little black dress, but even on a normal day, with jeans and t-shirt. The latter is the perfect example of upgrading an otherwise too casual outfit.

escape shoes_heels_pairs every woman should own
Lazuli Heels

You can find all these shoes and many more at EscapeShoes!

What do you think are the best pairs of shoes every woman should own?

27 thoughts on “5 pairs of shoes every woman should own

  1. Love this post! I’m so bad for wearing trainers all the time I need to invest in more boots! Love that clutch bag in the first photo too! Xox
    Jenny | borntoblend.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I found myself nodding in agreement all the way through this post. I know a lot of people don’t care for heels, but I firmly believe every woman should have at least a nude pair and a black pair.

  3. I live in boots, but you definitely need to have the rest to complete certain outfits. I admit, I don’t own many heels but I do have a staple black pair I keep for those special occasions. Having a nicer sandal for the summer is incredibly important for me when I can’t wear boots but don’t want a heel either.

  4. Great post! I’m a TERRIBLE shopper (I always accidentally spend my all money on travel and food), but I’m trying to build up a capsule wardrobe. This is an awesome resource for someone like me who needs some guidance in the shopping department πŸ™‚

  5. OMG, that’s so true! I am trying to think about another pair of shoes but I don’t see anything else…
    And I like how one day I can be ‘girly’ with my high heels and another day I just want to play it cool and relax with my sneakers πŸ˜€

  6. YES, YES, YES!! And they ask why women are so “obsessed” with shoes! We need a lot of them! Guys can use just snickers! Is that your photo in the beginning of the post? LOOOVE your handbag!

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