3 steps to a skinny bikini body

healthy skinniy bikini body

Bikini season is here, which means we must be ready! There are 3 things so you can have the perfect skinny bikini body!
If you Google ‘how to get a bikini body’ you will get countless of links. Videos and blog posts with the right exercises that will target you ‘problem areas’ or what foods to stop eating. The thought of the bikini season (aka summer) approaching can be terrifying for most of the girls and women. We all know how the media & the Photoshop portrays the ‘ideal’ body. You think of bikini season and you already imagine being on the beach, exposed and insecure, your body partly covered and open for judgement.

And you are upset, because maybe you have been going to the gym and eating right for several months now. Sure, you had some breaks on Christmas and Easter, and sometimes you just wanted a big unhealthy burger and sit all evening on the couch. It’s ok. You are human. You are way better than before. You maybe started exercising ahead of time, browsing through fitspiration blogs and seeing thigh gaps and flat toned abs. And you keep looking in the mirror thinking – why don’t I have those? I’m working on it and I’m doing my best. And you know what? You are doing your best and your goal is not to be as thin as possible but to be healthy and love a longer happier life.

I have for you 3 simple steps you have to follow to get your perfect skinny bikini body.

1. Make sure you have skin – then take care of it. Use scrubs a few times per week. There are plenty of body scrubs on the market for all pockets and if you don’t feel like it, then you can just make your own. Make sure to hydrate it well with nice smelling body lotions. Before heading to the beach, don’t forget to purchase sun protection products (for the beach and after) so you don’t damage your skin.

home made scrubs, body scrub, scrub recipe
Home made scrubs

2. Make sure you have a bodythen keep it healthy. Drink your water, eat your veggies and do your cardio. And you can enjoy the occasional pizza, burgers, fries and cupcakes. If you don’t like them, it’s ok. But if you enjoy those food and forbid them from your diet, you will feel stressed and unhappy. Don’t do this to yourself

body types, all bodies are beautiful

3. Get yourself a cute new bikini. Bikinis come in all shapes and colours – two-piece, one-piece, neon colours, patterns, pastels etc. Go for something that makes you feel good about yourself. If you like black, than go for it. If you want a bright pink two-piece, why not? Pick whatever you want. Stay tuned for bikini inspiration.

bikini collection, bikini, swimsuit, bikini body, fashion, summer
Bikini collection

That’s it – you’ve accomplished it! Make sure you follow the steps above so you can have a skinny bikini body! Stop being focused on losing weight and fitting those impossible standards. Be focused on having a healthy body wrapped by a cute new bikini! Think of the beach, the sand, the sea, and all the fun you’ll have. Think of all the fun you might miss if you keep on counting your calories and stressin about it!

Stay tuned for bikini & summer inspiration! Don’t forget to follow me!

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4 thoughts on “3 steps to a skinny bikini body

  1. Hey, I like your relaxed idea of having a bikini body. This is how it should be. There is not just ONE shape, ONE skin color and ONE bikini. The only word that confuses me is that you talk about “skinny”. It clashes with your drawing of different bodies and the text above. Or maybe I just misunderstand the word “skinny”?
    Keep enjoying, Julielovesbeauty

    1. hey, thanks for passing by. I used skinny on purpose. Society uses it to define thinness, but I chose to change the meaning and use it to literally mean ‘covered in skin’ 🙂

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