2017 Holiday Gift Guide: the Best of Beauty

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Happy Holidays and welcome to my second holiday gift guide of the season: Holiday Gift Guide – the best of Beauty! The following list includes products that I have tried myself for enough time to recommend them wholeheartedly!  As I am a skincare lover, this list is exclusively covering products meant to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. Plus – an amazing hair oil, also meant to give you the best hair of your life!

Here’s a gift guide full of ideas, guaranteed to make every woman on your holiday list glow!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers


Mudmasky is a Netherlands-based skincare company that produces ph-balanced face masks. They currently have two masks (I hope they will expand their range!): a mud mask and a sleep masks. I have previously tried the mud mask and had amazing results. After using the Facial Detox Mask, I have learned how to use it for my combination skin. If you have oily skin, you can apply it on the entire face and leave for longer time, while those with dry and sensitive skin should be careful! After using it, you will already see you skin extra clean and plump! I am so happy that they have also added a sleep mask to their collection! I love face masks, and a Sleep Repair Renewal mask is perfect for lazy people! You apply it as your last step in your night skincare routine and leave it over night.

These masks are amazing last minute gifts (especially if you live in Europe) and there’s free worldwide shipping!


Both the Acaraa Hair Oil and the Acaraa Face Cream contain almond oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and almond oil, and both smell like lemon peel. After every use, I feel like I dipped myself in lemon cake.

The Acaraa Hair Oil is so far the best oil I tried. Ever since I have been dyeing and bleaching my hair, I have tried quite a few hair oils and conditioners to nourish my damaged hair. You can apply the oil either on wet or dry hair, and I must say that a little goes a long way. I remember the first time I applied it on wet hair – while it felt super soft –  it looked way too oily. Now I apply a tiny bit on dry hair. And all this is great! That means a bottle will last you a long time and it’s great investment!

holiday gift guide best of beauty acaraa

The Acaraa Face Cream I have is for oily and combination skin. They also have a version for drier skin! The cream is super soft, and almost feels like a mousse. It’s easy to apply on the face. While it’s very hydrating, it doesn’t feel heavy.  You’ll have a smooth hair, smelling fresh like lemons! May I add that they are cruelty-free and made in Germany? If you live in Europe, this is the perfect last minute gift!

holiday gift guide best of beauty acaraa

JK7 Skincare

JK7 Skincare was founded by Jurgen Klein, the founder of famous luxury brand Jurlique. They are not only proud to have natural and organic skincare products, but that they take a more holistic approach to health and skincare. JK7 is famous for luxury skincare products and produce the most expensive anti-aging face serum: 1,000E for 15 ml! I was so happy to having tried several of their products and I have to say that they feel and smell amazing! The routine starts with the Foaming Face Wash with patchouli and ylang ylang, followed by the Rejuvenating Serum Lotion with rose, jasmine and neroli. The routine ends with the 24h cream day & night face care with vanilla and rose, and the lip balm with coconut and vanilla. You will be guaranteed to have baby smooth skin!

holiday gift guide best of beauty jk7 skincare

holiday gift guide best of beauty jk7 skincare

There are plenty of choices when it comes to gifts for all tastes and budgets, and I hope that my holiday gift guide makes it easier for you! These products can either be given as gift sets, or even as stocking stuffers for the holiday season!

holiday gift guide best of beauty


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