2016 Fall Trends

Are you in line with the 2016 fall trends? Because fall is here – weather getting chillier and rainier, PSL is in Starbucks, it’s all perfect – I have gathered for you several fall trends that I would LOVE to try.

2016 Fall Trends

Dusty Pink & Yellow

This is such a lovely combination! Just after I got my yellow dress, I thought it would look perfect with my dusty pink ankle boots and a trench coat in the same colour!

2016 Fall Trends Dusty Pink and YellowVelvet

Suede was so in last year and now it’s time for velvet! If you really love cami dresses and over the knee boots, now it’s the time to get them in velvet version.

2016 Fall Trends Velvet


This is one trend I feel shy about. If you are not careful, you can look too much ‘in your face’. So to keep it more subtle, I’m thinking metallic chelsea boots or sneakers with metallic accents. If you are bolder, you can go for a metallic cami top over a white tee and keep the rest of the outfit simple. For even bolder babes, go for a long metallic dress or a silky metallic bomber.

2016 Fall Trends MetallicOver the knees and Chelsea boots

It looks like over the knee boots are on trend now (maybe this year I don’t have to go to Japan to find an affordable pair!) and Chelsea boots are still going strong! Get yourself a pair of grey velvet over the knees and berry Chelsea boots and your wardrobe is aligned with the 2016 fall trends!

2016 Fall Trends BootsBombers

I have a sudden need of getting a silky embroidered bomber for myself! They are so versatile and give such a urban style vibe! I would definitely wear it with a white tee, skinny jeans and sneakers or a velvet cami dress with ankle boots!

2016 Fall Trends Bomber JacketOff the Shoulder

This trend is here to stay for fall too! As the weather is getting colder perhaps we can opt for off the shoulder sweaters?

2016 Fall Trends Off the ShoulderChokers

Seems that many 90s trends are coming back for some time (suede and cami dresses, I’m looking at you!) and now I feel like I need at least 10 chokers and that everything I have must be complemented by one.

2016 Fall Trends ChokersAre you a fan of those 2016 fall trends? Which one is your favourite?

2016 Fall Trends pin

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24 thoughts on “2016 Fall Trends

  1. I love those purple boots! Autumn fashion is my favourite, the cosy sweaters and boots are my favourite, especially love the off the shoulder sweaters.

  2. I love the above mentioned style. Almost all of them
    I love flaunting a choker but I am yet to find a perfect one for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love to get reasons to go shopping!! Love the dusty pink and yellow trend. Looks nice! And bombers… Love it. I don’t have any. So now I need to go and buy one for sure. Love the grey one.

  4. Not too surprised with the list. These seem to be in style anytime. I like the idea of bomber jackets making a comeback. Velvet would be great to wear again. Off the shoulder? Definitely!

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