10 Korean beauty products you can buy for 10€ or less

You have been seeing South Korean beauty brands all over but you aren’t sure if you should give it a try? There is no better time than now to do that! Kbeauty products are not only of high quality, but they are also affordable. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these 10 Kbeauty products that will cost you less than 10€ (most probably less than 10$ also) and have all been tested my me.

Cosrx pimple master patches

This is *the* must have – not only Korean – but beauty item in general! I discovered the Cosrx pimple master patches for the first time in a blogger box from YesStyle and it’s the only thing that saves the day. One you see your pimple peeking, slap one of these bad boys on it over night. Next day, your pimple will still be red, but flat. That way, it will not hurt anymore and will be much easier to cover with foundation.

Laneige lip sleeping mask

You know when you see a product all over social media? Being raved about all the bloggers? That was me with the Laneige lip sleeping mask. It truly lives up to the hype. Add a thick layer before going to sleep and you’ll wake up in the morning with the smoothest plumpest lips!You can not only use it as a night mask, but also as a lip balm during the day.

Ok, so you know how I say I love winter and cold weather? I might take a liiitle bit of that back. While I absolutely love to dress cosy in huge comfy sweaters and scarves, I hate how dry and red my skin gets. And while I do enjoy a sheet mask every other day, I cannot afford to forget the extra layers of hydration.

Tony Moly foot peeling mask

My first experience with foot peeling masks was with the Japanese Baby Foot but found that Korean brands have really good choices that are even cheaper than Baby Foot. If you are just starting out, the Tony Moly foot peeling mask is perfect.

Etude House lip tint

If you are looking for a lip tint in a vibrant colour that also lasts, Etude House has some great lip tints. It lasts through eating and drinking, but don’t go for too oily foods.

PETITFEE eye patches

Most of us forget about dedicate care for eyes. Regularly applying these eye patches is not only anti-aging, but will also reduce eye bags and black circles.

Innisfree sheet masks

Sheet masks are a *must* have for anybody – even if you are not a beauty obsessed person like me. Sheet masks are great for a moisture surge and they are much less messy than a mask in a pot.

Holika Holika Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gels are so versatile and are honestly a must have. You can use the aloe vera gel as both as a moisturiser and as a mask (both hair and skin!).

Etude House silk scarf

While we are taking care of the skin all over our body, let’s not forget about the hair. And this Etude House silk scarf is perfect!

Tony Moly blackhead steaming balm

Tony Moly has some amazing stuff and this steaming balm is saving my day. Apply it on your nose (or any other place on your face where you have blackheads) and gently scrub. The balm will heat up and the will also scrub at the same time. Say hello to the clearest skin ever! For a complete routine, go for the other 2 eggs in the set: the cooling pack which is supposed to close the pores (top one) and the silky smooth balm (bottom one) which acts more like a primer and smooths everything out.

Purito mild patches

Purito products have been part of my routine for more than a year now and what I would definitely get again are the Purito mild patches. Perfectly to use twice per day – they clean and gently scrub without drying out the skin. Plus, you can order them in packs of two and you can take them with you when you travel!

What are your favorite Korean beauty products under 10€ (or 10$)?

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