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taiwanese beauty aeriaskin
So you guys know I have been trying Korean & Japanese beauty for a while now. But have you ever tried Taiwanese beauty (or Thai? stay tuned for a post on that one!)? I first noticed adorable sheet mask packages on YesStyle, and then I dug deeper and found a LOT of Taiwanese brands that make amazing products in lovely packaging. I was so excited when I received three packages with sheet mask from Aeria Skin. When choosing the sheet masks, I went for masks that would hydrate and brighten.
 taiwanese beauty aeriaskin sheet masks

Intensive Hydrating Mask

This mask contains peptide and vitamin B5 to rejuvenate and regenerate, edelweiss extract to protect the skin, and organic rose flower water to hydrate and restore. This sheet mask is suitable for all skin types, but especially dry skin – which we all have in this winter weather, to be honest. According to their website, this sheet mask is so hydrating that you do not need to add any serum afterwards.

taiwanese beauty aeriaskin hydrating sheet masktaiwanese beauty aeriaskin sheet maskUltra Age-Defying Mask

This mask contains Peptamide® 6 to firm and improve skin elasticity and help reduce the fine lines. It also contains lavender essential oils to soother the skin, and Swiss Alpine Willowherb and White Horehound for anti-aging benefits.Same as the intensive hydrating mask – this one has a lot of essence so you won’t need to add any serum afterwards!
taiwanese beauty aeriaskin anti aging sheet mask

Brightening & Soothing Eye Mask

Most of the time, I have huge dark circles, so I am trying to minimize that by intensively hydrating the skin around my eyes. The eye mask not only hydrates the skin, but also soothes it. If you use an eye mask regularly, you are increasing your chances of delaying wrinkles, and you will definitely have a bright and plump eye contour! The eye mask contains Peptamide to improve skin elasticity , SYN®-AKE to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, hyaluronic acid (to lock moisture onto the skin), and Biowhite™ to lighten and brightens skin pigmentation.
You might have noticed that the eye mask is also black, unlike all other sheet masks that are generally white. It is because it contains charcoal, so this mask not only hydrates, but also detoxifies and purifies your skin!Plus, you’ll look like a superhero!
taiwanese beauty aeriaskin brightening eye mask

My impression of Taiwanese beauty brand Aeria Skin

All sheet masks have a LOT of essence in the packs. After each use, I have been saving in a tiny bottle at least 5 ml of liquid that I can use as essence in my daily routine (that is roughly around 2 days of applying twice per day). They all smell very lovely, feel very soft on the skin and the packaging is simply beautiful, featuring with delicately drawn patterns. They are shaped like drawers, so to access the individually packed sheet masks, you would have to pull on a golden ribbon. They are 100% organic cotton, cruelty-free and made with certified organic ingredients. After including these sheet masks in my night skincare routine, I noticed that my skin is brighter, softer and plumper the next day! Seeing that they are going along great with my skin, I cannot wait to go to Taiwan to buy a lot of of these, including other Taiwanese beauty products.
Have you ever tried Taiwanese beauty products? Would you try these out?
 taiwanese beauty_aeriaskin_eye mask

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