​ Achieving flawless skin with Endo Medics

Endo Medics is a company based in Korea that manufactures unique skincare products. After getting in touch with them, I received three of their products and had the opportunity to try them out!

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De2 Peau Cean soap

This deep sea water soap uses 15 times concentrated deep sea water. It’s a multipurpose soap, so you can use it as shampoo, make-up cleanser and body wash – perfect for travelling, amirite? It contains safe ingredients (such as fructan, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil and aloe vera ) that soothe and hydrate dry or acne-prone skin.

I love that it has a very nice smell and leaves the skin super soft! I still have to try it for washing my hair, but I am sure I won’t be disappointed.

 flawless skin with endo medics_deep sea water soap

Solstick mini face shaver

When I went to Japan, I was seeing everywhere mini razors for the face, for women. I kept wondering how the hell could I use something like that? After some online research, I could see it was useful for shaving not only the extra hair around the eyebrows, and around the lips, but also the peach fuzz on the cheeks.

flawless skin with endo medics_solstick mini

I tried the solstick mini shaver two weeks in a row, shaving my face once per week, having no hair on my face except the eyebrows. I would move it around my cheeks in circular motions and see how flawless my skin would look afterwards! However, while at the beginning I was very thrilled about it, shaving your face has its pros and cons too.


  • skincare products are more quickly and better absorbed into the skin
  • foundation applies better on the face


  • I felt my cheeks getting oilier and my hair would stick to my face more easily
  • I get iritated more easily if I don’t pay attention to how I take care of my cheeks

Most women shave the hair around their mouth and around the eyebrows, but I would think twice before doing it on the cheeks. That peach fuzz has it’s purpose for being there 🙂

Ion viviball

The viviball is basically a ceramic ball manufactures with 100% natural materials that emit negative ion. Negative ions are colorless and odorless negative oxygen atoms created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation. Thus, the negative ion balls in the viviball device has great effects on skincare, as it stimulates its regeneration.

It can be used three times per day for maximum effect:

  1. You can use it in the morning to wake up your face. Before anything else, roll your face with the viviball for 1-2 minutes and then you can proceed with cleaning your face, the rest of your skincare routine and then makeup.
  2. You can use it throughout the day instead of blotting paper. And this is so cool! Because by lunchtime, my face gets rather oily and I always pop out some blotting paper to mattify my skin
  3. In the evening, after removing you makeup and cleaning the face, you can use it for 5 to 10 minutes all over your face. It absorbs the oil and cleanses the pores, thus reducing the chance of getting blackheads.

flawless skin with endo medics_ion viviball

There are many benefits of the negative ion. Because it goes deep into the skin, it has anti-aging benefits and it improves blood circulation. After massaging with the viviball you can also notice that the essence from the sheet masks will be better absorbed into the skin.Tip: if your skin it rather dry, you can spray some mist on your face before rolling.
Have you ever tried such unique products in order to achieve flawless skin? What is your experience with them? 

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