Why you really go to the gym

Why you really go to the gym
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Some time ago I posted a motivational blog post about why you should go to the and why it’s good for you. But sometimes, there are *other* reasons that make you get out of your comfort zone and go; and you still get the benefits I mentioned before (health, happiness and confidence). I am sure I’m not the only one. Have a look πŸ™‚

  1. You subscribed for one year, so money is going automatically out from our account every month. Skipping gym without a real reason makes you feel bad for wasting money.
  2. You just had half a Ben & Jerry’s after dinner; which was a big, greasy, full of cheese pizza.
  3. The gym is 5 minutes away; some people don’t have this luxury.
  4. You just bought a pair of really cute leggings that you can only wear at the gym of when you .
  5. You realise summer is approaching, which means you will soon have to wear a bikini *the horror*

Note: As mentioned before, you should mainly exercise for yourself and for your health, not for looking a certain way. But sometimes it’s those little reasons that make us push ourselves and keep up with exercising.

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Why you really go to the gym

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