The Embroidered Shirt

I just LOVE anything, and especially this that seems to take over the . I paired it with simple black leggings and boots to let it shine. It was also a super comfy outfit after a long, tiring week.
This is a lovely twist on the classic blue striped office shirt. The floral embroideries are perfect for spring and give life to your outfit. The embroidered shirt is feminine, delicate and can be easily worn with anything; From jeans to high-waist skirts, it will not disappoint and will definitely have all eyes on you.


The Embroidered ShirtIt seems that the embroidered shirt – or basically anything embroidered – is making waves everywhere on Instagram and in shops. Honestly, I love it. Embroideries are lovely ways to more life into your wardrobe and the perfect transition from the winter chunky knits to floral spring blouses.

What do you think about embroidered shirts (or anything embroidered in general)? I for one, am definitely on board with having everything embroidered, from jeans to boots and bags to skirts!

The Embroidered ShirtEmbroidered skirt from Gamiss

The Embroidered Shirt

The Embroidered Shirt

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