Best things to do Dubrovnik

I have recently visited, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and I was extremely impressed with its beauty! The best thing you can do there is visit the Dubrovnik Old Town and get lost

Korean Skincare with Purito Serums

For the past month I have been trying several Purito serums - it is not the first timed. I have already tried some of their essences and the whole Green

How to wear a leopard print dress in fall

We all have a comfy cute summer dress that we would love to take into colder weather. In my case, it’s a sleeveless cotton leopard print dress. And the simplest

Skincare is self-care

We are all doing a skincare routine or putting a nice mask on; not only when it’s necessary for the skin, but also when we feel down and depressed. Many people are saying that skincare is self-care. And I agree. While putting a sheet mask when we are depressed might feel like a trying to fix a bullet wound with a band-aid, skincare is self-care.