Over the Knee Boots

For sometime I have been in love (read: obsessed) with . I have 3 pairs of , but none of them go over the knee, and I feel like I need a pair that is at least 5cm above. My perfect pair is a suede, black, high-heeled, over the knee boots.

Over the Knee Boots
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But there are many types of over the knee boots, with or without heel, suede or leather, , tight or loose. When I will have the money and space to store a Carrie Bradshaw shoe collection, I will start with the boots above, then slowly build my collection to black leather laced up boots, then to some suede burgundy ones then slowly having around 10 pairs of over the knee boots (#goals).

Over the Knee Boots
Check out my fashion board on Pinterest for the sources & more inspiration on over the knee boots!

Over the Knee Boots

13 thoughts on “Over the Knee Boots

  1. Okay, to be honest i like these boots because you can wear it with skirt even if it’s winter :))) but the question is usually with what you wanna match it? Because in some clothes is much better to have another shoes :))

    1. You can’t really match them with a lot of clothes, yes. I would match them with skirts/dresses and then leggings or super skinny jeans. If I actually had a pair of over the knee boots I would need to buy some new clothes.

    1. Ah, one day I will get a pair of my own. I realised that boots last for a long time if they are good quality. I have a pair for around 5 years and another one for 3 and they’re still looking good! Classic good quality shoes and apparel lasts for a long time and is definitely worth the investment.

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