Luxurious Routine with Makanai Cosmetics

Luxurious routine with Makanai Cosmetics

I am a huge fan of fancy brands! There’s do much tradition and craftsmanship involved, and the products are really of high quality! To keep my skin hydrated through the cold February days, I am relying on not only gently scrubbing my skin, but also hydrating it all over!

Check out my routine!

Herbal Bath Soak

I have two types of herbal bath soaks: mandarin orange and peach leaves. These herbal bath soaks come in lovely colorful pouches and they smell amazing! I was excited about the multiple uses of these bath soaks : not only in the bath, but you can also put them in the wardrobe between your clothes, or in your shoes.

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsI have tried the mandarin orange one in the bath and, while it didn’t smell strongly, it did feel relaxing. The instructions also suggested that, after being used in the bath, they can be dried and reused as deodoriser packs. Maybe I did something wrong but I was not a fan of how they smelt after being used. I think I will stick to using them as relaxing bath soaks.

Pink Washi Paper Body Scrub Towel

After soaking in a relaxing bath, use a washi towel to scrub all over your body. This towel is made from natural washi paper, known for leaving the skin soft. I am using this towel together with shower gel to clean and rinse my body. You can use this towel several times – so make sure to dry it properly after each use.

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsYuzu Beauty Oil

Smells great & feels super soft on the skin. It is very hydrating, so I apply it most on my cheeks and around my eyes, to hydrate my dry cheeks and prevent wrinkles around my eyes. It contains oils from jojoba and sesame, gold leaves and other ingredients that moisturise the skin. Plus the yuzu fragrance is amazing!

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsLuxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsLuxurious Routine with Makanai Cosmetics

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsHand Cream with Yuzu

This cute hand cream not only smells (like yuzu!) and feels great, but it also contains natural ingredients like sour persimmon, eggs and soybeans. I carry it in my bag and apply it whenever my hands feel dry. I like that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my hands oily.

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsLip Balm with Gold Leaves

I am not a fan of lip balms in jars, but this one is too adorable to pass! It is made with shea butter and jojoba oil, and contains silk powder and gold leaves. Perfect combo for moisturised lips.

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsFacial Blotting Papers

No matter what I do, no matter the skincare / makeup products I apply, my skin becomes super oily in the afternoon. That’s when blotting papers come in and save the day. These bad boys are the only way I can keep my skin looking fresh & they don’t mess up my foundation!

Luxurious Routine with Makanai Cosmetics

Luxurious Routine with Makanai CosmeticsHave you tried any products from Makanai Cosmetics? How about products with gold leaves in them?

Luxurious Routine with Makanai Cosmetics

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    1. oh yes, feels very nice! Japanese beauty & make-up products are also amazing! I have several blog posts about these – you could have a look around for inspiration1

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