Custom Cases with Caseapp + Giveaway

I always want to have cute custom cases for my phone and laptop. Until now I had a simple plastic red case for the laptop and a simple transparent one for my phone. I have been browsing the internet high and low and stumbled upon many cute custom cases. Until I went on the website! I really really wanted to find matching cases. Initially I wanted an exotic leaf pattern but that’s more for summer, until I saw the Purple Streams skin and the Purple Pattern phone case. It was difficult to choose but I am so happy with my choice!

Custom Cases with Caseapp + GiveawayCustom Cases with Caseapp + GiveawayBesides their premade designs for smartphones and laptops, you can also design your own! I would definitely give that a try but it is so difficult for me to decide on what I should design – a quote? an emoji pattern? so many choices!

Custom Cases with Caseapp + Giveaway20% OFF + Giveaway

What would you design if you could decide? Here’s your chance! If you also want to order custom phone and/or laptop skin you can use my 20% off discount code “SACCHARINESOUL20” until 5 December! So if you are into some early shopping this is the perfect time!

Custom Cases with Caseapp + GiveawayYou also have the chance to win one free product on Caseapp! To enter the giveaway, you have to follow these steps:

1. FOLLOW @caseapp on Instagram

2. FOLLOW me @ruxandrasoare on Instagram

3. Comment here when you’re done with your name!

The giveaway ends on 25 November! Good luck! <3

Note: the giveaway has ended and the winner will be contacted shortly!

Custom Cases with Caseapp + Giveaway

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